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Techie Focus List

During my day job, I work on the business and back-end layer of a J2EE Quoting Software with heavy data handling and manipulation. Even though what I'm working on is part of an enterprise web application, I feel like my abilities in developing ground up application are depreciating. I find my self in need to keep up with the latest trends of technology and to learn what is in demand. 

The scale of today's demand of software or applications seem to be in favour of  the web so I decided to focus on the web stack. I made a list below of the technologies hopefully are and will be in demand soon according to the people and forums I asked on-line.

I'm actually familiar on some of the technologies below. However, I need thorough review to prepare my mindset and gain back my skills in using the those technologies and frameworks.

  • Groovy and Grails
  • Python and DJango
  • C++
Java Specific:
  • Java Server Faces(JSF) / Struts
  • Spring 
  • JPA/JDO & Hibernate
  • AppEngine
  • WebService
  • JUnit & Mockery
  • Hudson
  • Ant / Ivy
  • IBM WebSphere 
  • Android
  • JBoss/Glashfish
  • MySQL
  • Derby
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • IBM DB2
  • SQLite
In addition, I will also be learning Linux administration for maintaining servers as well as repairs. I'm actually a linux user since college but I still feel I need to dig deeper on systems administration. Another goal also is taking the SCJP exam late this year.

I already started and feeling great to be in the road again.