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How to Backup and Restore PostgreSQL Database

There is an easy way to create backup file and restore your current PostgreSQL database using the Linux terminal. I am not sure though if this is the easiest way.

As of the moment I am writing this article, I used the following command to backup and restore my database. 

Using pg_dump and psql will make your life easier. Below are the terminal command I use to backup and restore my database.
  • Backup : pg_dump -U {user_name} {database_name} -f {backup_file_name}
  • Restore : psql -U {user_name} -d {database_name} -f {backup_file_name}
If you are getting an error:

Recover Ubuntu Grub2 After Windows Installation

A month ago I decided to dual-boot my laptop with windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 version as my main operating system. So I first installed Ubuntu 10.04 then Windows 7 afterwards. After installing Windows 7, ubuntu distribution isn't accessible. I am not sure but I think Windows installation might have wiped out Ubuntu grub.

To be able to recover Grub2 menu along with the option to select either which operating system you want to use, I did the following recovery steps below.
  1. Boot from Ubuntu Live CD - any Ubuntu distribution is okay to use for as long as you get access to linux terminal or bash shell.