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Install NVIDIA driver manually for Asus K43 SV with Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

I just bought a new laptop Asus K43 SV and installed Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS stable release. It has an i5 2nd generation processor with 4Gb of memory and 1 Gb of VRam. So far, I think this is the most affordable laptop I can look for in Philippine market offered free delivery through LBC by or from your online purchase.
Some of you might have difficulties in installing NVIDIA driver on your new bought Asus K43 SV laptop. I started researching online and found that there is a default yet not installed NVIDIA driver on synaptics. However, I had been screwing my desktop and as a result, I had to reformat my laptop again and again. I always backed-up my xorg.conf file but had difficulties on restoring it. Anyway, thats the end of story and in this article, I'm gonna share how to easily install NVIDIA driver manually on your k43SV.