Paul Labis: This is a personal blog where everyone can read my experiences, ideas and thoughts about programming, latest gadgets and other information technology related topics, lifestyle and many other stuff I would like to share to the public.

Hello World by Techie Boy

This is my first article post so its a Hello World article! Its hello world because most of developers do the very first application regardless of any technology that is being use, they begin by displaying a "hello world" on a computer screen or may vary with regards to its intention.

Moving forward, I'm Paul Labis. Sole writer & owner of this blog. I am a graduate of the degree in Information Management from Ateneo de Cagayan University and working as a Software Engineer in Orange & Bronze Software Labs. 

I like anything related to information technology. I am also an Open Source believer. That sums up my explanation why I am inclined to Java programming, Groovy & Grails, App Engine, Python & DJango and other Open Source Frameworks.

You might be interested a bit on the reason why do I blog. Well, I'd say its primarily because I wanted to contribute and share my knowledge to everyone else who might need a hand. At first, my motivation was money but it was not enough and so for a while, I stopped blogging. Until such time and out off boredom, I reflected on a tutorial written by IBM about the groovy scripting language. I was able to reflect that if it wasn't because of this tutorial, I would not have accomplish my task. So I was deeply thinking and prospered on my decision that if I have an idle time, I'd spent it on making articles that would help other people do their task while at the same time enjoying and learning the new stuff.

I know that there are a lot of good writers on-line publishing much relevant articles as I may have, but here is a thing, I don't care... Yes! I don't really care... I know am a horrible writer though. But, whatever that is your thinking, practice results to improvement and everyone knows that..

I hope you'll enjoy my blog articles and good luck. If you have relevant concerns, please feel free to drop an email at